Your Plantronics Headset is WebRTC-READY


WebRTC makes for better and more effortless communication, but there are a few considerations to ensure optimal experience with your WebRTC-Ready Plantronics headset. Instead of relying on Adobe Flash to compress and stream audio, WebRTC audio applications will rely on the browser’s native audio compression and streaming capabilities. This should lead to better audio quality …Continue reading »

Cloud computing gets high marks from small business owners, survey finds

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Many small business owners look to the cloud to improve their operations. That’s the conclusion of Brother International Corporation’s just released sixth annual “Brother Small Business Survey.” Among the 62% of respondents who use the cloud, 95% found the cloud beneficial to their company, with 69% citing the benefit of easier access, storage and analysis …Continue reading »

Is your phone system doing all it can for your small business?


What do you really want in your small business phone system? Are you taking advantage of all the features available in today’s phone technology? These were questions posed to 427 capital equipment decision makers at small and medium-sized businesses across the United States in a recent survey commissioned by a maker of Voice over Internet …Continue reading »

Is it time to hire an operations manager for your small business?


Are you spending too much time on administrative duties and not enough on the critical activities that keep your small business moving ahead? If so, it may be time to hire an operations manager. An operations manager can take the tedious, day-to-day activities off your plate so that you have time to focus on sales …Continue reading »

What you can learn from #thedress to help your small business marketing


A few weeks ago, #thedress became the latest viral phenomenon sparking a global social media debate over the color of a dress to be worn by the mother of a Scottish bride to be. The science behind why some saw the dress as black and white, which it actually is, and others perceived the colors …Continue reading »